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Why Ration Passion? | Mike Libecki | TEDxWestminsterCollegeSLC
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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OECD (Obsessive Expedition Climbing Disorder) has organically taught Mike Libecki to embrace joy, optimism and to never ration passion. The time is truly now. There is only Pre-joy and Joy.

Mike has infinite passions: Two of them are obeying his addiction to exploring the most remote, exotic and untouched locations on the planet and being a dedicated father to his angel-daughter (he has won Father of the Year Award from her school more than once).

Mike has planned and succeeded on 65+ expeditions and established multiple first ascents in such areas as Afghanistan, Antarctica, Baffin Island, Guyana, Greenland, China, Madagascar, Kyrgysztan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Venezuela, Yemen, Indonesia, Philippines, Polynesia, Africa, and even unnamed spots on the globe. Many of these have been solo expeditions on mysterious lands and waters, rediscovering what very few have seen.

When Mike is not climbing and exploring untouched Earth, he is a full time father. He just took his 11 year old daughter Lilliana on her first two big expeditions to Antarctica and Africa completing her goal of reaching all 7 continents by age 12 (and 17 countries).

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