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Why String Theory is Important for Me | Farhad Ardalan | TEDxTUA
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Added Sep 13, 2016
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From history and Philosophy to cosmology and Mysticism, String Theory may be just a little more important than we previously thought it would be.

Farhad Ardalan, Ph.D (November 3rd, 1939) is a retired Sharif University and Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences Physics professor. He studied his MS (Master of Science) at Columbia University and his Ph.D at Pennsylvania State University. Most of his researches are about the bosonic strings theory and quantum symmetries. In 2009 he was announced as a Fellow of American Physical Society for his gauge and quantum physic theories. “His pioneer researches about geometry in string and para-string theory, Modular systems and also the expansion of Iranian scientists cooperation in Cern and Middle-eastern projects were the reasons of this decision.” Said APS .

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