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Why Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills in Schools is Essential | Baiju Solanki | TEDxChelmsford
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Added Sep 14, 2016
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When you look at the world now, is the current education system fit for purpose? The access to an entrepreneurial approach to education can impact people not only to greater opportunities available in the world today, but transform the way young people think about what they could achieve in their lives.

Baiju Solanki is award winning entrepreneur, psychologist, speaker, coach, trainer & CEO/Founder of EnSpirit Inc. empowering the entrepreneurial spirit in business & education. Baiju’s mission is to transform the world through teaching entrepreneurial skills to business people, start-ups, students and employees to increase productivity, performance & winning mindsets. Having worked across a number of sectors including academia, corporate and sales, Baiju is uniquely placed to understand the subtle attitude and behaviour’s that impact high performance. Baiju is a social media evangelist and advises on how you can use the different social media platforms to increase your reach and influence. Baiju is also an author of ‘I’m An Entrepreneur – Get Me Out of Here’

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