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Why You're the Reason Washington's Broken | Marc Dunkelman | TEDxTraverseCity
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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More than a decade in the nation's capital convinced Marc J. Dunkelman that politics isn't broken because of money or lobbyists or gerrymandering or filibusters. The root cause is bound up in how ordinary people invest their time and attention. The people we choose to connect with have a powerful impact on whether we solve big problems. And we're choosing to connect with different people than any previous generation.

Marc J. Dunkelman is a visiting fellow at Brown University’s Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions. His research focuses on how the evolving architecture of American community has affected the workings of government, the dynamism of the American economy, and the resilience of the American social safety net.
During more than a dozen years working in Washington, DC, Dunkelman served on the staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as legislative director and chief of staff to a member of New York City’s delegation to the House of Representatives, and as the vice president for strategy and communications at the Democratic Leadership Council. He was also a senior fellow at the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a visiting fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and a fellow at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. In 2014, W.W. Norton published his first book, The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community.

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