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Why childcare needs reinvention | Amy Martin | TEDxBrum
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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When Amy Martin’s son Theo arrived, he instantly took up position at the centre of her world. Creator of F A M A L A M, exploring parenting and play in the 21st century, her bold new initiative #RadicalChildcare identifies a system so flawed that it invites much room for innovation. Hear why Birmingham is perfectly placed to explore new possibilities for childhood, and the importance of developing a modern day village.

Amy Martin is a creative producer with a decade of experience in designing and delivering arts and innovation programmes across the country. Her work involves children and young people as co-constructors, co-producers and leaders. Amy is a BOM (Birmingham Open Media) Fellow and part of the Innovate UK / Arts Council England funded arts & technology pilot at Near Now in Nottingham. Her project F A M A L A M explores parenting and play in the 21st Century, with a specific focus on #RadicalChildcare an initiative to explore, imagine and invest in bold new possibilities for the future of childcare.

Twitter: @amyrozelmartin | @__famalam

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