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Why comedy should be on prescription | Lynne Parker | TEDxBonn
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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In today’s fast paced, high tech, no-time-to-talk-to-each-other world we often forget the basics of good communication.
Through her experiences, Lynne knows that laughter is the best medicine and women use humour instinctively to communicate with each other and the wider community. A good laugh improves your mood and bonds you forever with the people you meet in both in your personal and professional life. We remember ‘funny’ and humour is a hugely valuable resource in the workplace to boost morale, bond teams, add charisma and break down the barriers between genders, cultures and generations. Find out why a daily comedy fix should be on prescription, why we get funnier as we get older and the joys of discovering your inner toddler.

Lynne is the founder of Funny Women which has helped thousands of women find their voice through performing and writing comedy over the last 14 years. The annual Funny Women Awards attracts women from all over the world to participate and the face of British comedy is slowly becoming less male.

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