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Why do it that way? | Jim Collins | TEDxFoggyBottom
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Added Jul 6, 2016
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Have you ever thought about what a building should look like? As a nationally renowned architect, Jim Collins aims to do things differently. Collins believes that we should be going against the status quo, and explains how he does so in his work.

Jim is a national practice leader in complex buildings for science, engineering and technology. Since joining Payette in 1979, Jim has applied the best principles in design to create environments that respond to the changing nature of scientific inquiry. His quest to advance the collaborative dialogue between designers and users is marked by a concomitant shift in both the way science is taught in academic settings, and applied in the laboratory. His leadership has set new standards in both architectural practice and research settings. As President of the firm, Jim defined Payette’s exemplary model of practice, which balance technical pragmatism with creative design vision. His body of work is singularly focused on the advancement of the architectural profession as a vital partner in defining new ways to support scientific advancement. Jim was elevated to FAIA in 2009 in recognition of his achievements in design.

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