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Why do we care? | Victoria Puglia | TEDxYouth@ASH
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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We live in a world where we fear being ourselves merely because we don't want to end up by ourselves despite claiming that we live in a world where being unique is encouraged. Continuously worrying and overthinking drags us down as individuals and does not allow ourselves to reach our full potential. This talk addresses the difficulties associated with worrying, overthinking, and fitting in, and encourages the development of a new attitude and outlook towards life.

When I first moved to the American School of the Hague, I would barely speak because I was scared I wouldn't fit in and that I'd be judged. Shyness took over me. From personal experience, I have gained insight that has made me much happier and more comfortable in my own skin today. These experiences, alongside my views of "caring" and of "fitting in", are ones I would like to share with the world, in hopes that people can connect and possibly learn from them.

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