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Why hiring is broken | Kate Glazebrook | TEDxGoodenoughCollege
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Added Jun 24, 2016
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...and how we should fix it

Kate is a Principal Advisor (Head of Growth and Equality) with the Behavioural Insights Team and leads on BIT’s first technology platform, Applied. Kate’s work focuses on using behavioural science to improve productivity, combat inequality, and promote wellbeing. Kate has previously worked with the BIT on financial behaviour and international development. Kate joined BIT after finishing a Masters in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Frank Knox Scholar), where she specialised in behavioural economics and analytical methods. She has previously worked on education policy for UNESCO in Thailand and Myanmar, and spent a number of years in the Australian Treasury working on schools policy, and tax & pension reform. Kate also holds a Bachelor in Economic and Social Sciences (First Class Honours) from the University of Sydney.

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