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Why inexperience is your friend - the power of intelligent naivety | Charlie Thulier | TEDxClapham
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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Charlie Thuillier and his brother Harry achieved two feats experts thought impossible. The first: an unofficial world record. The second: creating a healthy ice cream. They had no prior experience in either. Charlie explains how their intelligent naivety was actually a major bonus in helping them break the rules of what is possible, and shows how you can harness the power of intelligent naivety for true innovation.

Charlie and his brother Harry broke the
unofficial world record for the longest
distance travelled by kite, unsupported,
having never done the sport before. The
brothers ran out of food, lost 8kg in two
weeks, and lived off wild fruits for the
remainder of the expedition. This prompted
Charlie on his return to quit his job and
found Oppo ice cream.

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