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Why logo sign design plays best supporting role to urban architecture | Wei Wu | TEDxZhujiangNewTown
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Being an experienced sign designer, Wu Wei has customized different sign designs for Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou Opera House and Flower City Square in Zhujiangnewtown etc. How would sign design affect our life in different city spaces? How would he change unordered space into well-tagged structure and let sign design best fit the architecture? Wu Wei illustrated with examples of garage,cultural and creative town, and Flower City Square etc. to explain his deduction and theory of sign design. What makes sign design good and attractive? Wu Wei concluded that, a designer should find a unique way to make the signs better connected with surroundings by capturing the thing’s generality and individuality.

Wu majored in Architecture at a top university in Guangdong, but chose to study graphic design on his own. For nearly a decade, he devoted himself to Architectural Signage Design. With his unique knowledge and background in “Architectural design and planning, graphic design and creative advertising”, as well as his concept of sign design as “being the best supporting role of architecture”, he designed the signage system for Guangzhou library, Guangzhou Opera House, the heart of Zhujiang New Town (Flower City Square) and so on.

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