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Why technology has become my art | Ricky Hopper | TEDxRaleigh
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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What does it take for a machine to change the world?

As an artist and an engineer, Ricky Hopper examines the relationship between new technologies and the people that use them. Showing prominent examples from his industry, he argues that the deciding factor for the impact of a technology is the experience it creates, and he explains how we can all curate moments with the power to change lives.

As a software engineer in a nascent industry, Ricky strives to utilize emerging technologies to enable profound change. As an artist, he brings his influences to life through musical instrument design, strategic doodling, music composition, and computer interface design.

Why You Should Listen:
Since he got his start developing video games in elementary school, Ricky has experimented with a variety of creative media. He has fused electronic and classical genres into a progressive musical suite, designed and built a fully custom electric guitar, launched a mobile game at the advent of the smartphone movement, and built software that informed safe regulation of airspace for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Now a Senior Software Engineer at PrecisionHawk, he consistently experiments with new devices, developing prototypes that explore our automated, fast-approaching future.

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