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Why we love to eat bugs and why you should too | Roberto Flore & Afton Halloran | TEDxLUISS
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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During recent years, insects have been defined the food of the future. Roberto Flore and Afton Halloran explain why it is so: insects are not only a true delicacy but they also represent an opportunity to produce food in a sustainable way and to fight social problems due to a poor diet and malnutrition. What you are about to hear is a real food revolution.

Roberto Flore is Head Chef of the Nordic Food Lab and a Sardinian explorer of the Great North. Roberto’s gastronomic path started in Seneghe, a small village in Sardinia, at the age of 4. He encountered the Nordic Food Lab, where he is currently the Head Chef and leading the gastronomic research of this vibrant organization. One of Roberto’s main activities at the Lab has been working with edible insects.

Afton Halloran is a Canadian PhD Fellow at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen. She is a part of the GREEiNSECT research group, a group of public and private institutions investigating how insects can be utilized for food and feed in Kenya. Her research focuses on the socio-economic, nutritional, and environmental impacts of cricket farming in Thailand and Kenya. She formerly worked as a consultant with the Insects for Food and Feed Programme at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome. She is a co-author on the FAO’s most popular publication Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security.

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