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Why we need to embrace the Global Village | Ken Powell | TEDxWhitehaven
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Added Oct 14, 2016
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Ken Powell reveals how Bangladesh changed his perspective on foreign cultures and how that affected the way he saw his own. Growing from fear of 'them' to seeing the global village as an adventure he explains why he thinks this is a journey on which we all need to embark.

Ken Powell is a freelance writer and educational consultant working with clients across the globe but particularly in Asia. After 16 years working as a teacher he relocated to Bangladesh with his family in 2008 where he helped establish an O level department in an NGO school in one of the poorest areas of the country and trained teachers as well as teaching several subjects. Gradually he moved over to writing and was full-time as a writer by the time he and his family returned to the UK in 2014.
Ken now works for a variety of clients writing on socio-political issues in Asia and education matters globally. He also acts as an educational consultant across the world co-writing books with other educators and offering an alternative perspective on teaching for which he is in demand.
He currently lives in near Whitehaven, Cumbria with his wife, two children and dog. When not drinking vast quantities of tea he is busying working on his third book or playing pool.

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