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Why you should adopt a refugee | Kiza Magendane | TEDxDelft
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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Refugees have a hard time when they arrive at a new place. Stating that, “Home is relative, love is universal,” Kiza Magendane suggests a new way to help refugees feel at home: by adopting a refugee. Not necessarily in the literal sense, but by helping them through offering support and encouragement the foundations of a new home can already be built.

Eight years ago, Kiza arrived in the Netherlands, fleeing from the civil war in Congo. With the support of the local community, he managed to evolve into the best version of himself.
At present he studies at university level, and writes opinion pieces on Africa, politics and migration. In addition, he has written for various publications on Africa and politics and migration. “I am an opinion maker,” he said. His involvement with the various organizations has given him a very clear perspective on the integration of migrants in Dutch society and ideas on how he feels it could further improve.

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