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Wine strange power | Bruce Gutlove | TEDxSapporo
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Added Aug 25, 2016
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Wine is delicious.
Through Mr. Bruce Gutlove’s speech, let us realize that wine has many features of not only drink but also its unexpected power. There are also many opportunities in our life which we have never imagined. By thinking what we can do for people around and taking actions, we can learn and enrich our life.

Mr. Bruce Gutlove was born in New York in1961. While in State University of New York, he took a course on wines, then he got interested in wines and founded a wine club. He tasted a wide variety of wines, gradually deepening his interest.
In 1985, he enrolled in the UC Davis, which had the most authoritative viticulture and enology department in the US. He started learning enology in earnest and determined to become a wine maker.
After graduation, he worked at famous wineries in California, learning and training to make wines in practice.
In 1989, he was called into the COCO FARM & WINERY in Ashikaga, Tochigi as a consultant, and he moved to Japan. COCO produced world-class wines 100% from grapes grown in Japan.
While working for COCO FARM & WINERY, he increased desire to make own wines. In 2009, he established his winery, “10R” in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido. He has been making efforts to spread the wonder and delight in brewing wines and the tips to enjoy them throughout Japan.

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