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Wok of Life | Chef Kelvin Cheung | TEDxICTMumbai
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Added Sep 29, 2016
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Often an experience is enough during the course of one’s lifetime to bear consequence to our decisions. Even if one has strolled astray over the wrong path or has been hit by a labyrinth of tragedies, there are chances and opportunities always waiting at the bay. However, they never come with labels or prior intimations. And what does it take to take that one leap of faith?
Chef Kelvin takes us through this tumultuous yet enticing wok of life. And his bet is on recognizing and grabbing those opportunities when they are least expected to arrive. With sacrifice and enough effort, a knock on the door can transform into an open door.

Chef Kelvin Cheung is a well proclaimed champion of winning hearts with his innovative dishes. His cuisine is renowned to be one of the best in town and he has been dubbed as Mumbai’s Wonder Chef time and again. His journey as a Chef began after he dropped out of medical school, but his training had begun when he was barely six as he was born & bought up in a restaurateur family. Currently based out in Mumbai, he runs the popular eatery One Street Over.

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