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Would You Change Your Childhood? | Ian Khan | TEDxWilmington
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Added Oct 17, 2016
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Ian Khan's childhood was spent in a tremendously beautiful place that was equally war-torn and dangerous -- Kashmir. He describes the feeling of anger that arose in him amidst the violence, and the kernel of resilience that it fed. After, he said, he prayed that his resilience would carry him. After leaving Kashmir, that resilience led him to start the first internet radio station that played Kashmiri music (in which, while still there, he had found peace). He heard from people the world over, who thanked him. Khan ends his talk with the question: would he change his childhood. And the answer is no. He asks each of us not to live in the past, but to find our kernels of resilience and use them to help one person, one neighborhood, one city, or beyond. That, he suggests, his all it takes to silence our mistakes.

Ian was born Kashmir and spend the early part of his childhood in the politically turbulent region that saw a height of insurgency and militancy in the 1990’s. Now based in Toronto, Canada Ian is as a technology executive, author & speaker. His recent work includes Cloud Wars, The Internet of Things & the Future of Innovation, Make Me Like You, 21 Steps, Get Ahead & The Internet of Things – A Concise Introduction and other titles. Ian is also frequent contributor to industry publications, including the Huffington Post, Techvibes, McGraw Hill Education and others. Ian hosts the Innovation Times podcast and as a musician sings and plays the Djembe and Didgeridoo.

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