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"¿Y tu abuela dónde está?" | Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro | TEDxUPR
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Added Jul 20, 2016
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The topic for this talk is based on personal gratification and collective that we obtain from writing, narrating and creating fiction of our genealogy. Yolanda encourages the audience to actively participate in discovering our history as a community and as intra familiar history.

El tema de esta charla está basado en la gratificación personal y colectiva que obtenemos mediante la escritura, la narración y crear una historia ficticia de nuestra genealogía. Yolanda exhorta a la audiencia a activamente participar en el descubrimiento de nuestra historia comunitaria e intrafamiliar.

Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro is a Puerto Rican writer. She has published a number of books that denounce and ignite passionate approach that promotes discussion on afroidentity and sexualdiversity. She is Director of the Department of Afro-Puerto Rican Studies, Creative Writing performance project that responds to the advertisement issued by UNESCO to celebrate the International Decade of African Descent.

She has been invited by the United Nations to the "Remembering Slavery" program to talk about women, slavery and creativity in 2015. Her storybook “Las Negras”, winner of PEN Club Story National Prize of Puerto Rico in 2013, explores the limits of female character evolution challenging powerful hierarchies. She has also won the Award of the Puerto Rican Culture Institute in 2015, 2012 and the National Prize of the Institute of Puerto Rican Literature in 2008.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at