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You are only Stronger through your Weaknesses | JinWoo Lim | TEDxKesawanSquare
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Added Oct 5, 2016
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Jin’s presentation would be about his OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder), depression and how they have impacted his life and he has got them over in his own way. (how it has driven him to have the greater achievement of creating a highly prestigious and fun group).

He delivers the paradoxical message that we are only stronger through our weaknesses, and the belief that understanding paradox can be a real starting point of our life.

Jin Woo Lim is a financial risk manager and social entrepreneur. He graduated from Yonsei University in Korea with business major. He has suffered from some disorders, such as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), perfectionism and depression. Even with those difficulties, he tries to give others hope to get through their own difficulties with gratitude. He was the founder of the biggest and most advanced English Discussion, Debate and Presentation club in Korea. He is also the creator of a Collective Intelligence group, and has been a Praise Team Leader in a church in Sydney, the President of Table Tennis Association of all universities in Korea, a Social Interpreter and a Couchsurfing Event Organizer.

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