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Your pension fund is worth almost nothing? Find out why. | Dr. Christopher Sier | TEDxOxBridge
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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The fund management industry takes a lot more than it gives. And what it takes is often disguised and hidden in implicit costs. Despite this the industry is the highest earner of any sector globally. How does it pull this off? Why should you care? Find out and change the world. In the UK alone the opportunity is to return $50-100 BILLION pounds to UK savings each year, every year.

Chris is Co-MD of FiNexus, a knowledge-transfer and research organization, and advises the UK Government, Regulators and various trade bodies on pension fund Corporate Governance and Cost Transparency. Chris also advises a range of stakeholders including the UK Government on innovation and fintech. Previously he was Managing Director of KAS Bank UK, an Asset Servicing and Pension Fund specialist, and Director of the Financial Services Knowledge Transfer Network, a research, innovation and knowledge transfer organisation for financial services, bridging industry, academia and government. In the dim and distant past he was a police officer in Edinburgh.

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