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折り紙が織りなす未来 | Kaori Kuribayashi-Shigetomi | TEDxSapporo
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Added Aug 25, 2016
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Have you ever tried origami? This Japanese traditional art of folding paper is now saving human life. Using a lot of cute animations and eye-opening videos, Ms. Kaori Kuribayashi-Shigetomi told her story in fluent English.

Ms. Kaori Kuribayashi-Shigetomi was born in Takikawa and grew up in Eniwa, Shizunai and Sapporo.
During her stay in the Oregon Institute of Technology in the United States, she took a medical class, which wakened her desire to contribute to the medical services using her knowledge in engineering.
She performed researches to develop medical equipment in the master’s course in Hokkaido University, before developing a medical device named “origami stent graft” using the folding pattern of origami during her doctoral course in Oxford University. Since then, she devoted herself in various studies as a Doctor of Origami Engineering.
Having come back to Japan, she established the “cell origami” technique at the University of Tokyo, which enables three-dimensional cell culture folded like origami, with the micro-nano processing technology. Currently, she endeavors to apply this cell origami technology to regenerative medicine at Hokkaido University.

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