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自分を削り出す生き方 | Yuji Yamamoto | TEDxUTokyo
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Added Aug 16, 2016
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Yuji Yamamoto provides three inspiring factors that define his unique career."

"山本雄士 / 医師・起業家
株式会社ミナケア代表取締役。東京大学医学部を卒業後、医師として臨床現場で働く中で医療のポテンシャルをもっと引き出すべくHarvard Business Schoolへ入学。修了後、起業して医療の進化に取り組む傍ら、教育や行政などからもアプローチし、人々が健康なうちから医療に目を向けるシステムを社会全体に浸透させることを目指す。

Yuji Yamamoto/ Doctor/Entrepreneur
After practicing medicine for six years, Yuji shifted his focus to healthcare reform in order to improve the current status of sustainable health. He tackles this challenge through a multifaceted entrepreneurial approach that combines business, education and policy components. Yuji received his MD from the University of Tokyo, and his MBA from Harvard. "

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