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coded language | Yahia Elnour | TEDxUMST
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Added Jul 14, 2016
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subliminal messages in movies and tv shows/ads) The extended bio(My name is Yahia Shamseldeen Elnour; I am a pharmacy student, studying at the university of medical sciences and technology. I consider my self to be an aspiring philanthropist, hoping to change the world, and raise awareness about certain issues often undermined, such as my ted talk which revolves around the hidden messages in movies and tv shows and their effect on us. My ted talk is titled 'subliminal messages in movies and tv shows/ads'. In this talk i highlight the main forms of entertainment and their effect on our subconscious mind and hence our behaviour; raising questions regarding the reasons for these targeted messages and whether this is good or bad.

Yahia Shamseldeen Elnour a Pharmacy student at University of medical sciences and technology. Working on change the world by introducing new ideas and alerting people about various topics such as his ted topic where he discusses the effect of subliminal messages in movies and tv ads.

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