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เลี้ยงลูกให้เป็นคนปกติ | Assawin Narkpongphun & Pornpimon Narkpongphun | TEDxBangkok
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Added Sep 1, 2016
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In this era, parents usually set extremely high expectations for their children. Children are expected to not just be great, but to be geniuses. This might be the exact reason why the bestselling bookshelves are stocked with books that revolve around how to raise an exceptional child. Dr. Tum and Dr. Koy reveals that the secret in raising a child in this highly competitive world might just be to raise them as ordinaries.

Dr.Assawin "Tum" Narkpongphun and Dr.Pornpimon "Koy" Narkpongphun are Child and Adolescent Psychiatry specialists, working with various institutions in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They own and manage a popular Facebook page "เลี้ยงลูกให้เป็นคนปกติ" (Raise your child to be ordinary) that they keep as a diary of their way to raise a child.

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