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「めんどくさい」から始める「デザイン」 | Chiharu Kodama | TEDxTitech
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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Designing is not only about making the surface or looks of a something. She shows how designing works and motivation of designing through demonstration with the audiences and her experience.

Designer. She was born in 1991, and graduated from the Department of Social Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. She won a bronze prize in "OAC Student Advertising Creative Award 2012." Having been familiar with graphic art and creating Websites since she was an elementary school student, she finally decided to be a designer. Now she is involved in designing Web sites and application programs in THE GUILD, while working as a freelancer.

デザイナー。1991年生まれ。東京工業大学工学部社会工学科2014年卒。OAC学生広告クリエイティブアワード2012Web部門ブロンズ受賞。小学生の頃からパソコンを使ったグラフィックやWebサイトをつくって遊んでいたことをきっかけに、デザイナーとなる。現在、THE GUILDにてWeb, アプリのUI設計やデザインに携わる他、フリーランスとしても活動中。

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