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This video was filmed at an independently organized TEDx event and uploaded by the organizer. To flag a video (good or bad!), use this form.

ナンセンスマシーン | Maywa Denki | TEDxUTokyo
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Added Aug 12, 2016
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"明和電機 / パラレルワールドの電機屋さん
1993年結成のアートユニット。青い作業服を着用し作品を「製品」、ライブを「製品デモンストレーション」と呼ぶなど、日本の高度経済成長を支えた中小企業のスタイルで、さまざなナンセンスマシーンを開発。社訓「やったもんがち、とったもんがち」を掲げ、 日本のお茶の間の皆様に衝撃を与え続けている。

Maywa Denki / Electric company in parallel world
Founded in 1993, the Maywa Denki had used the classic electrician blue uniform and refers to concerts as product demonstrations. Maywa Denki imitates a style of small business enterprize contributed to Japan’s rapid economic growth by creating machines. With the company’s policy “Do it first to conquer. Take it first to conquer,” Maywa Denki has a large impact on almost every household in Japan."

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at