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performance | Thomas Tournavitis | TEDxKavala
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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Violoncellist Vaso Zissou, born in Kavala, has been enjoying the journey of music since she was 5 years old. She has participated in multiple productions including several festivals, such as the Athens Festival and Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall. Since 2007, she has been working as a teacher in music schools and conservatories.

Thomas Tournavitis was born on January 21, 1981 in Athens, Greece. He studied at the atelier of sculptor Nikos Stefos (1997-1999). He graduated in 2005 from the University of Fine Arts in Derby (UK) with a BA in Fine Arts (P) and continued his postgraduate studies in Berlin (Germany 2006). He worked as a former lecturer at the Department of Photography D. IEK Volos and as an art teacher in private and public primary schools in the city of Volos, Greece (2008-2010). In 2013 he became an official member of the Art Society of Sarajevo (Ulubih). He currently lives and works in his atelier in Piraeus, Greece.

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