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the dark sky | Yousra Abdalmoniem | TEDxUMST
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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Can you try to picture the world a few centuries back, before Thomas Edison's bulbs filled the world? Probably visualized houses, furniture, fashion, living style, but have you ever thought of what the sky could have looked like back then? Well I'm not too sure, they didn't have flashes in their camera's and we couldn't have known but I'm pretty sure they saw a clearer sky with more stars.
What's the first thought that pops up on your Brian when the word "pollution" is brought up?
Well let me give it a wild a guess, air pollution? Water pollution? Soil pollution? And for the physics freaks like myself, radioactive pollution. No wonder that in a technocratic society like the one we live in, light pollution won't be given much attention.

Mohamed is a Consultant at the Green Climate Fund. He is experienced in administration, marketing, and business development. His primary focus is exceeding expectations for customer service delivery while ensuring optimum brand impact. He possesses excellent interpersonal, communication skills and he thrives in highly pressured and challenging environments.
Prior to joining the Fund, Mohamed covered different roles in several entities such as ITBLS, Pensar and the Electronic Banking Services of the Central Bank of Sudan. He has also facilitated and organized a number of international workshops and represented Sudan in various international fora.
Mohamed has a black belt in Karate, and is also a member of the Sudan National Karate Team.

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